Meg Smith


About Me


Hello! I’m Meg. I like to create life-improving products with a high degree of craft and care, and love to empower others around me to do the same. I love listening to the things that matter to others (whether cherished customers or key stakeholders) and synthesizing all of the input with a heaping dose of curiosity to uncover the very best design solution.

I’m currently a Product Design Lead at Manifold, where we are improving developer experience by delivering needed services across clouds, platforms and workflows. I hope that by empowering developers, we’ll unlock a lot of potential to change the world with software in a positive way.

Being a “maker of things” extends to my after hours life as well— outside of the 9 - 5, you’ll find me elbows deep in dirt in my much beloved backyard veggie gardens, sewing up a new project, or taking on a home repair with just the right amount of hubris.